Manufacturer: OJSC Kazankompressormash

The KTK-12.5 / 35 compressor is mainly used in the chemical and metallurgical industries. It is also possible to use it in other industries in the event that the working conditions necessary for this technique are observed. It is used to compress oxygen in a gaseous state.

Cleaning the flow path and connector surfaces 

The rotor can be repaired in the following scope: 

1. Cleaning the rotor from deposits 

2. Flaw detection of the rotor by VIC, PVC, MPD methods 

3. Replacement of defective parts: sealing ridges; gear bushings; thrust disc; axial relay disk; impeller; shaft 

4. Grinding necks, thrust disc 

5. Replacement of bearings, filing on breadcrumbs and alignment of babbitt filling. With rotor positioning in the flow path along the housing bores

During long-term operation of the compressor, misalignment of the embedded parts of the compressor may occur (due to warpage of the housing, wear of the centering pins, etc.). Misalignment leads to unevenness of the gap between the rotor and the embedded parts, it is not uncommon for them to touch. This defect leads to a decrease in compressor performance.

Replacement of gas (air) seals is carried out in order to ensure the drawing values of the clearances in the seals to bring the compressor capacity to the formulated values.

Replacement of oil seals is carried out in order to maintain the drawing values of the clearances in the seals to prevent oil leaks.

1. Cleaning the connector surfaces 

2. Replacement of bearings, filing on the outer diameter, sizing of the babbitt layer, with setting the center distance, skew and intersection of the axes of the gear pair 

3. Grinding of necks, thrust disc of the gear pair 

4. Balancing the gear pair

1. Replacing bearings 

2. Replacing the oil seals 

3. Aligning the rotor in the stator magnetic field 

4. Balancing the rotor of the electric motor

Compressor unit alignment, reducer-compressor, reducer-electric motor

1. Mechanical cleaning of the tube bundle 

2. Chemical cleaning of the tube bundle 

3. Pressure testing of the heat exchanger


Productivity m³ / s (m³ / min)  3,47 (208)
Initial pressure  MPa (kgf / cm²)  0,1 (1)
Final pressure  MPa (kgf / cm²)  3,43 (35)
Rotor speed  kW  13800
Electric motor:  Power kW  3150
Overall dimensions of the installation  mm  20500х4500х5000
Weight kg  38815

The KTK-12.5 / 35 compressor unit is a three-case machine with external cooling of the compressed gas without guide vanes with spiral gas outlets after each compression stage and with an external gas bypass from stage to stage. The KTK-12.5 / 35 compressor unit has 11 compression stages, distributed as follows:

  • Low pressure casing - 2 stages;
  • Medium pressure casing - 4 stages;
  • High pressure casing - 5 stages.

After the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th stages, intermediate gas cooling is performed. After the last three stages, enclosed in a "water jacket", an end cooler is installed. In the low-pressure casing, the gas after the first impeller is directed through four volute branches and external pass-through channels to the suction chambers of the second stage. After the second impeller, gas is also collected through four volute branches into a manifold and supplied to a gas cooler.

In the second and third housings, the working gas after each wheel is discharged by one spiral outlet. Gas bypass from stage to stage is performed using external bypass pipes (rolls).

The suction pipes of the compressor are directed downwards, the discharge pipes of the sections are directed to the side.

The compressor housings are cast from high quality cuprous iron. The housings are installed on foundation slabs, which are anchored to the foundation and poured with concrete.

Compressor rotors are non-separable with shrink fit of impellers on the shaft.

The multiplier is of the horizontal type, with a single-stage gear transmission. The body is cast from gray iron, the parts of the gear pair are made of structural steel.

Compressor lubrication system - forced circulation, common for all units. For lubrication, oil of the "turbine 30" GOST 32-74 brand is used. It is allowed to replace “turbine 30” oil with oil according to GOST 32-74 with corresponding changes in the oil supply temperature.