Modernization of the process control system

Operational and professional modernization, debugging, testing, installation of automated control systems for the compressor unit (ACS KU). An integrated, individual approach to the installation of equipment, taking into account the operating conditions.

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Certificate of Conformity


Automated control of compressor systems is a guarantee of reduced operating costs, increased equipment efficiency, and reduced wear of compressor units and parts. The production company CJSC "Compressormashremservice" will supply, install, start up and debug, service the automated control systems of compressor equipment, taking into account the individual operating conditions and the working life of the equipment.

Automation of the equipment operation process provides a number of beneficial advantages:

  • maintaining the set air pressure parameters in accordance with the technical characteristics and the expected working loads on the turbocharger;
  • providing comprehensive technological protection of equipment - emergency shutdown, monitoring of technological parameters in real time with a display on the operator's monitor;
  • maintaining optimal operating temperature;
  • reducing the load on equipment; increasing the terms of maintenance-free operation;
  • significant reduction in energy costs and equipment repairs.

Experienced specialists of the company will carry out testing and operational installation of the automated control system of the compressor unit (ACS CU), taking into account the individual operational parameters of the equipment and workloads, the location and operation of the compressor unit. We provide warranty and contractual service for automation systems of any complexity.