Urgent emergency and planned repairs of Russian and foreign rotors based on high-tech equipment with the involvement of specialized specialists. Repair according to GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) standards with the issuance of accompanying technical documentation.

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Certificate of Conformity


Specialized production company CJSC “Compressormashremservice” will perform urgent and scheduled repairs, service of rotors of air and gas compressors of Russian and foreign production.

Repair, restoration and service are carried out on the basis of high-tech equipment that provides test conditions that are as close as possible to the regulatory technical base of the equipment manufacturer.

We provide high-quality and guaranteed reliable repair of rotors of various capacities with any cooling system. Repair and maintenance can be carried out both at the installation site of the equipment, without expensive transportation and dismantling, and at the factory on the basis of the company's equipment.

Depending on the identified problems and defects, the following repair and restoration work suggested:

  • replacement of the insulation of the rotor coils with the use of thermosetting insulating materials with high heat resistance class F and H;
  • manufacturing of new rotor coils with increased heat resistance;
  • replacement of insulation of internal and external rotor units (conductors, bolts, slip rings);
  • modernization of the rotor - replacement of the seal and insulation with modern counterparts made of fiberglass materials;
  • repair and restoration of rotary bearing journals;
  • carrying out a set of mechanical works to restore the shaft;
  • production of unique new parts and rotor assemblies in accordance with the technical specification of the equipment.

The process of repair and restoration involves a test balancing to ensure reliable debugging of the compressor rotor in operating mode.