Centrifugal compressor repair

Urgent and scheduled repair, restoration and maintenance of centrifugal compressors and process equipment of any complexity and configuration. Starting-up and adjustment works of compressor equipment.

Repair of piston compressors

Reliable, efficient, professional repair of piston compressors and equipment (gas and air). Scheduled and emergency maintenance, modern service and equipment operation support, turnkey installation and commissioning works.

Repair of blowers

Prompt, professional repair of blowers at reasonable prices, with a quality guarantee. Scheduled and emergency repairs, servicing of blowers, air separation units (medium and low pressure), water treatment and discharge pumps, exhausters.

Screw Air Compressor Repair

Complex, emergency and recovery repair of gas and air screw compressors, warranty service, modernization of compressor equipment of any type. Installation supervision, start-up and turnkey equipment debugging.

Industrial refrigeration turbochargers

Reliable professional repair, restoration, service and modernization of industrial refrigeration turbochargers of domestic and foreign production using original parts and components. Efficiency, quality, reasonable pricing policy.

Balancing shafts and rotors

Dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors on site and on the equipment of the enterprise without expensive equipment dismantling. Reduction of vibration, elimination of operational defects and imbalances, final balancing of new drives.

Rotor repair

Urgent emergency and planned repairs of Russian and foreign rotors based on high-tech equipment with the involvement of specialized specialists. Repair according to GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) standards with the issuance of accompanying technical documentation.

Modernization of the process control system

Operational and professional modernization, debugging, testing, installation of automated control systems for the compressor unit (ACS KU). An integrated, individual approach to the installation of equipment, taking into account the operating conditions.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

Preventive maintenance, service, complex and one-time chemical cleaning to maintain optimal technical characteristics of equipment using modern methods of maintenance and diagnostics.

Repair of electric motors

We carry out repair and modernization of industrial and production plants of any complexity for generating companies, chemical and metallurgical production, electrical equipment for drilling platforms, oil refining complexes, mining and processing plants, industrial enterprises.