Dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors on site and on the equipment of the enterprise without expensive equipment dismantling. Reduction of vibration, elimination of operational defects and imbalances, final balancing of new drives.

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Vibrations during operation of the equipment occur when the shaft or rotor is unbalanced which leads to a decrease of working resource. Prolonged vibration guarantee a breakdown that requires expensive repairs.

Up-to-date professional dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors eliminates a decrease in equipment efficiency, reduces wear of bearings, and reduces energy consumption.

“Compressormashremservice” CJSC offers a range of services for balancing shafts and rotors with a scheduled visit and at its own production base using modern diagnostic equipment:

  • dynamic balancing of shafts and rotors can be performed on site, without disassembling and dismantling the equipment;
  • if the operating mode does not allow access to the rotor for diagnostics, installation of vibration sensors on the bearing assemblies, then it is necessary to dismantle and deliver the equipment to the workshop of the enterprise for high-quality and guaranteed reliable balancing at the stand;
  • timely service and balancing of rotating equipment parts - a guarantee of a long maintenance-free service life and a reduction in costs.

Experienced specialists of the enterprise will quickly eliminate all equipment vibrations, provide service maintenance with minimal downtime of technological processes with a quality guarantee.