Manufacturer: Ariel Corporation

Large medium speed units designed to operate in tandem with electric and gas engines.

(crosshead flanges, rod, connecting rod, piston, piston rings);

Replacing / checking the condition and determining the development of the working surfaces of the cylinder mirrors (measuring the barrel shape, taper and ovality).

Compressormashremservice CJSC is a specialized enterprise for the supervision of installation, commissioning, and repair and restoration works, as well as servicing of technological equipment, including blowers, pumps, blowers and compressors. Our company has created specialized teams for certain types of machines for general and special purposes, including gas and air piston compressors. The brigades are composed of certified engineers trained at manufacturing enterprises of technological equipment in Russia and abroad. Compressormashremservice CJSC provides repair services, supply of spare parts for Ariell reciprocating compressors. Repair work can be performed both by the forces of Compressormashremservice CJSC; there is also the possibility of providing the services of a chief engineer. All conditions for carrying out repair work of equipment of any complexity have been created on the production base of Compressormashremservice CJSC. An extensive machine park, the availability of modern specialized equipment and experienced specialists allows us to offer customers a wide range of services.