Нагнетатель 360-21-1

Manufacturer: PJSC "Dalenergomash"

The blower is designed to compress and supply air and other gases (as agreed with the manufacturer).

Brief description of the design.  The supercharger is made as a single-cylinder, two-stage, with one-way suction.  The blower housing is made of cast iron and has connectors in the vertical and horizontal planes.  Suction and discharge ports are directed downward.

The flow path of the supercharger consists of two wheels mounted on a shaft, diffusers and guide assemblies that make up the compression stages, which are separated by labyrinth seals.

The gas-dynamic characteristics of the 360-21-1 supercharger are shown in pic.  129.

The supercharger is driven by an STD-630-23UHL4 electric motor, its rated power is 630 kW, the rotor speed is 3000 rpm, and the voltage is 6000 or 10000 V.

Rotation from the electric motor is transmitted through a gearbox of the RTSOT-280-2D2-1N type using gear wheels.

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