Нагнетатель 650-21-1

Manufacturer: PJSC "Dalenergomash"

Supercharger type 650-21-2 is designed for compression and transportation of natural gas through main pipelines.

Brief description of the design.  The 650-21-2 type supercharger is made in two stages, with one vertical mounting connector, with a tangential arrangement of the suction and discharge nozzles.  The supercharger undercarriage, which includes the rotor, diffuser, reverse guide vane (OHA), labyrinth and end seals, and a bearing, are assembled into a single package, which is installed in the supercharger housing.

 The gas-dynamic characteristics of the 650-21-2 blower are shown in pic.  76.

 A longitudinal section of a 650-21-2 supercharger is shown in pic.  77, and its installation is shown in pic.  78.

 The supercharger is driven by a gas turbine GTN-25 with a capacity of 25,000 kW;  the shafts of the supercharger and the turbine are connected by a toothed clutch.

 At compressor stations, it is allowed to operate both single and parallel operating blowers in the rotor speed range from 2700 to 3900 rpm.

 The compressor can be started and stopped at full gas pressure.

 The systems of oil, automatic regulation, control and protection of the blower are common for the entire gas compressor unit.

 The oil system provides bearing lubrication, seal systems and blower control.  To ensure safe shutdown of the unit in the event of a power outage and failure of the oil pumps, the blower is equipped with an oil accumulator.

 The blower and all its accessories are supplied in explosion-proof design.

 The scope of delivery of the blower includes: the blower itself, auxiliary equipment, replacement parts, etc.

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