Нагнетатель Э-1700-11-2М

Manufacturer: PJSC "Dalenergomash"

The blower is one-stage, with a cantilevered impeller and axial gas supply.  The blower housing is cast from cast iron and is a non-diffuser volute with a horizontal split.

A longitudinal section of a general-purpose blower of the E1700-11-2M type is shown in pic.  96, its installation in pic.  97. Gas-dynamic characteristics of the blower are shown in pic.  98.

The blower is driven by an electric motor of the STD-1250-23UHL4 type through the chassis, in which the plain bearings are located.  The chassis of the chassis also serves as an oil tank.  The electric motor has a rated power of 1250 kW, a speed of 3000 rpm, a voltage of 6000/10000 V.

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